Welcome! The author is a long time resident of Southern California and finds inspiration in its vibrant multi-cultural life. Matty, her favorite fictional character, is the housekeeper/sleuth who “mops up” for five clients in her cul-de-sac, a trap if she will allow it, in a series of three mysteries. Cul-de-Sac:  Mop-up for Murderis the first;Cul-de-Sac:  Mop-up for Maliceis the second, published last year and available at Authorhouse or Amazon.Readers loved it and clamored for the first one; hence this “prequel.” As of mid-May, the third novel,Cul-de-Sac: The Final Mop-upis now available! To purchase, follow the link "Ordering" above. Thank you.
​908 Magazine (lb908.com) is a quarterly magazine covering Long Beach, California and its citizens. The Summer 2013 edition covers Wesla in a fine article by Jonathan Murrieta. Click on image to right to see article.